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Deploy a Dedicated E-Mail Server with CentOS7

This guide helps you configure an E-Mail server on Centos7 with: Linode, Centos7, Exim, Dovecot

Deploy Flask Apps on CentOS7

Deploying a Flask app on Centos7 doesn't have to be so hard.

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement

Replacing the batttery in your 2012-2015 Macbook Pro is not as impossible as you've been told. The battery is glued in. This is not an impossible problem!

Instant Left 4 Dead 2 Server on CentOS 7

Create a Left4Dead2 disposable dedicated server with a $0.015/hr Linode instance. Follow my directions to automatically generate a secured and updated centos linux server in the cloud.

Install Splunk Lite on CentOS 7

I decided to play with Splunk on the VPS.  Splunk is a huge and powerful tool, but my needs are simple.  I want to dump all my log files for all my servers somewhere.  I want the logs easily browsed and searched.  Kudos for automated alerts to key events.  Splunk …