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Deploy a Dedicated E-Mail Server with CentOS7

This guide helps you configure an E-Mail server on Centos7 with: Linode, Centos7, Exim, Dovecot

Instant Left 4 Dead 2 Server on CentOS 7

Create a Left4Dead2 disposable dedicated server with a $0.015/hr Linode instance. Follow my directions to automatically generate a secured and updated centos linux server in the cloud.

Splunk Log Analysis on SSH attacks

Over the holidays, the linode infrastructure was attacked. I was testing Splunk at the time. I'd opened SSH in the firewall to capture logs into Splunk. My linode VPS was under constant attack during this period. Let's analyze the logs of the attack with Splunk!

List of SSH attack usernames

A list of all usernames used during a brute-force attack of this server over the holidays. Data was easily generated using Splunk lite.